Truth Justice Memory Center Activity Report (2015-2016)

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Truth Justice Memory Center

Truth Justice Memory Center

End of year 2016 marks the 5th year of our work as the Truth Justice Memory Center for the acknowledgment of, reparations for, and non-repetition of past gross human rights violations and crimes against humanity.

In our first 3 years we had determined our area of focus to be enforced disappearances, as a gross human rights violation in Turkey’s recent history. In the years 2015-2016 we started searching for answers to how to build upon the work we had already begun on the one hand, and how to respond to the changing political context on the other.

Prepared jointly by the staff of Memory Studies, Legal Studies and Dissemination and Advocacy Programs, this report aims to provide more detailed information regarding our activities in 2015-2016 as well as share some internal discussions we carried out in this process.

It also contains a detailed breakdown of the activites we have carried out and participated in and picturizes our seeking for the new methods of documenting and memoralization of enforced disapperances, analyzing legal data and monitoring trial experience for fighting against impunity, innovative forms of expression in advocacy during the shrinkage of civil space.