We Are Happy to Learn That Hurşit Külter is Alive


Human rights organisations in Turkey have learned that Hurşit Külter, who has been missing without any information as to his whereabouts for 134 days, is alive, following his statement on October 7, 2016.

During his absence, appeals that have been made to the Governor of Şırnak, the Prosecutor’s Office at Şırnak and Şırnak City Police Department have remained futile, as his detention was denied despite witness accounts of his detention.

On June 23, it was announced that Ministry of Interior appointed a civil inspector to carry out an investigation about Hurşit Külter’s whereabouts, the findings of which are yet to be shared with the public.

Against this backdrop, reasons were not few for human rights organisations in Turkey – a country in which enforced disappearances and arbitrary executions have remained unrecognized and unaccounted for – to have grave concerns about the whereabouts of Hurşit Külter.

We are happy to learn that Hurşit Külter is alive.

We also abide by our demand and expectation for a full explanation that sheds light on Hurşit Külter’s disappearance, during which he alleged that he was detained and tortured.

Truth Justice Memory Center