Workshop on truth, justice, memory

In theend of the “Towards A Blueprint for Reconciliation” project, we organized a two-day workshop in Istanbul through December 4-5, 2010.

The program of the “Truth, Justice, Memory: Experiences, Testimonies, Quests” was derived from the three main themes (which are described below) we identified in light of the findings gathered from the in-depth interviews conducted with the NGOs in Istanbul and Diyarbakır. The meeting featured the presentation of the final report and the ensuing discussion thereof, followed by workshops drawing upon international experiences and addressing the three main themes, which are as follows:

  • The role of truth commissions, documentation and prosecution as tools of transitional justice in coming to terms with the past and the constitution of justice;
  • The role of commemorations, memorials and museums in confronting the past and contextualizing the interrelation of memory, truth and recognition; and
  • Alternative ways of circulating and communalizing information via the media, art and activism.