AHDA organizes a conference on historical dialogue


The Alliance for Historical Dialogue and Accountability (AHDA) at Columbia University’s Institute for the Study of Human Rights held a conference  titled “Local Memory, Global Ethics, Justice: The Politics of Historical Dialogue in Contemporary Society”  in New York City, on December 11-14, 2012.

The conference was co-hosted by the Guantanamo Public Memory Project, and also featured the Guantanamo Public Memory Projects’ first traveling exhibit and digital media as a shared international challenge in historical dialogue.

The conference touched upon the issues such as Victims and Victimhood in Historical Dialogue, History and Memory in Latin America, Local Memory and Global Relations, Literature as Historical Dialogue, Remembering Genocide and Narrativity and Transitional Justice.

On December 12th , Murat Çelikkan and Özgür Sevgi Göral from Hafıza Merkezi delivered speeches in the conference.  Göral made a presentation titled “A New Battleground in the Kurdish Conflict: The Constitution Making Process.  Çelikkan’s presentation was titled “Turkey: Turks and Kurds, Togetherness or Estrangement?.”

The program of the conference can be accessed here.