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Conference: Perceptions, Actors, and the Settlement of the Kurdish Issue


Diyarbakır Institute for Political and Social Research, in cooperation with Heinrich Böll Foundation, arranged a conference titled “Perceptions, Actors, and the Settlement of the Kurdish Issue.”

The announcement said that we have entered a time in which the feeling of disconnect between what is experienced in the Kurdish and Turkish public is increasing, and in which politics has become deadlocked. Determined that this kind of gathering is necessary at a time when the solution to the Kurdish issue has become deadlocked, the conference covered issues such as the role of the movement and the politicians, methods of resolution, negotiations, dialogue, and the role of the media.

On the first day of the conference, Özgür Sevgi Göral of the Center for Truth, Justice, and Memory, gave a presentation titled “The Importance of Remembering in Transitional Justice” on a panel for “Collective Justice and the Establishment of Peace.”

You can reach the conference program here.