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Bursa'da Ceza Adaleti ve İnsan Hakları Tartışıldı


On 2 November 2012, Uludağ University organized a conference on Criminal Justice and Human Rights that was attended by domestic and international actors. Emel Ataktürk and Eser Poyraz from our Center attended the conference, which was broken down into the following sections: Judicial independence and impartiality, Criminal justice/confrontation and denial, Media/criminal justice and freedom of expression, and criminal punishment in Turkey from the perspective of Human rights/evidence restrictions/ECHR.

Academics from various universities in Turkey, Chile, Spain, Germany, England, and the United States evaluated experiences in their own countries as well as international experiences of criminal justice and human rights practice according to their areas of expertise, contributing to the high quality of each of the sections. The participants were impressed by the richness, style, and calmness of the presentations, particularly in the section on judicial independence and impartiality, which were given by speakers who have differing political perspectives and opposing viewpoints.