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Executive Summary - Unspoken Truth: Enforced Disappearances


The Turkish and English executive summary of the report “The Unspoken Truth: Enforced Disappearances” has been published. Written by Özgür Sevgi Göral, Ayhan Işık and Özlem Kaya, the 97-page report has been summarized as 17 pages in the Turkish executive summary, and also 17 pages in the English executive summary. The aim of the report published in 2013 is to shed light on the legal, political and social mechanisms used to realize the strategy of enforced disappearance, the practices implemented to secure the social silence and indifference that has continued for many years in this field, and the kind of processes relatives of the disappeared have endured before and after the disappearance. You can access the executive summary of the report here, and the full text here.