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Research on the NGOs adressing Kurdish issue


Under the umbrella of Anadolu Kültür, we conducted a systematic study of civil initiatives in Turkey that are concerned with the social manifestations of the Kurdish issue, and that thereby aim to contribute to the establishment of peace.

In the scope of this project, a research was conducted with the objective of understanding the civil society's endeavors undertaken in Turkey regarding the social manifestations of the Kurdish issue. The kinds of financial, institutional and structural obstacles and deficiencies hindering the targeted success of these efforts, the variety of needs voiced by the institutions and the kinds of activities they plan to carry out in the future constituted yet another subject that we researched. Our most important criterion in identifying the non-governmental organizations to interview in Istanbul and Diyarbakır was their previous experience of working on the social manifestations of the Kurdish issue, and we made sure to include NGOs in our list that work on issues of gender, children, poverty and forced migration. For the research, we conducted in depth interviews with 28 organisations in Diyarbakir and Istanbul. For the NGO Interviews Report click here.