Video Series: ShrinkingSpace # 1 – Pride March


The first of the video series #ShrinkingSpace presents the course of Pride Marches in Turkey from 2013 until now. Seeing marches in a single chronology from 2013 to 2019, the viewer feels both claustrophobic having witnessed the gradual closing, and hopeful at the same time about the resilience of the LGBTI+ movement.

#ShrinkingSpace presents the closing of civil space in Turkey through images that filmmaker Fatih Pınar collected from various street protests, press statements and public meetings. Collaborating with Pınar, the series is produced by Hafıza Merkezi under 4 themes that represent the 4 pillars of civil space targeted by the government.

Camera and Edit: Fatih Pınar |
Subtitle Translation: Nazım Hikmet Richard Dikbaş
Graphic Design: Salih Gürkan Çakar
2013-2015-2016 Images: Rüzgar Buşki archive
2014-2018-2018 Images: Fatih Pınar archive