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A fanzine by participants of the Youth and Human Rights Workshop: "Under the Wreckage of Justice"


Young people who participated in the Youth and Human Rights Workshop Program organized by Hafıza Merkezi at the end of 2022 have published a fanzine (in Turkish) in which they write about their experiences and impressions during the workshop. 

Immediately after the publication of the public opinion survey titled Young People's Perception of Human Rights (in Turkish), prepared by KONDA for Hafıza Merkezi, Hafıza Merkezi designed a workshop program for young people. The Youth and Human Rights Workshop Program, which aims to discuss the findings of the survey with young people and create an intergenerational communication environment, was opened for application with the call of Hafıza Merkezi's project to support human rights organizations and defenders, Keeping Silent: Let's discuss the future of rights-based civil society together and find solutions to its current limitations!

We organized four workshops during November and December with 20 participants with the following titles; "The relationship between civil society, democracy and human rights," "Stories from the Field: Participation and Motivation," "Impact and Change: What are we changing and how?" and "Is a New Language and Communication Possible?" On January 27-29, 2023, we came together face-to-face in Istanbul and visited rights organizations from different fields of struggle and continued the discussions started during the workshops. 

Within the scope of the fanzine, it was aimed to present the experiences and impressions of the participants about the workshops that lasted for four weeks. However, shortly after the face-to-face meeting in Istanbul, the reactions to the rights violations that emerged after the Kahramanmaraş-based earthquakes on February 6, having to experience such a bad thing after the workshops, and experiencing all this on the way to the elections made the need to make their voices heard even greater for the participating young people.

Click here to read the fanzine (only in Turkish).

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