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Power-sharing and Decentralization in the Context of the Kurdish Issue and Political Peace

Writer: Cuma Çiçek

Original Name: Kürt Meselesi ve Siyasi Barış Bağlamında Güç Paylaşımı ve Ademi Merkeziyet

Publication Date: 2021

Publisher: Hafıza Merkezi - The Truth Justice and Memory Center

Translator: Sebastian Heuer


This report by Cuma Çiçek is the first of a series of publications that focuses on various aspects of building a peaceful political process for the resolution of the Kurdish issue in Turkey. Guided by the questions of whether decentralization, considered in the context of power-sharing, can bring about political peace in Turkey’s Kurdish issue and what kind of promises it holds beyond the Kurdish issue, this research focuses on the 2013-2015 Solution Process and its aftermath to discuss the prospects and limitations of decentralization.

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