Following the premiere, screenings of Bûka Baranê will continue


Hey wise people, find a way to get this film. Show this film before every meeting you have. After… Afterwards, your work will be so much easier that you won’t need to say anything else to whoever watches the film.
Aydın Engin

The premiere of Bûka Baranê on April 15 at the Atlas Cinema was met with intense interest. The documentary, which was screened for a crowd of approximately 500 people, generally received positive reviews from the audience. The premiere was attended by the co-chairman of the BDP Gültan Kışanak; BDP parliamentarian Sabahat Tuncel; Istanbul independent parliamentarian Levent Tüzel; sociologist İsmail Beşikçi; representatives from rights organizations like YAKAY-DER, Mazlumder, Göç-Der, and İHD; and a large number of artists, media members, and scholars.

Screenings of Bûka Baranê

Bûka Baranê focuses on the past and present experiences of those children who attended primary school in a village in the southeast of Turkey in which the extended war, and the oppressive atmosphere that comes with it, were an everyday experience. It also focuses on their nostalgia for peace. There are currently several screenings of Bûka Baranê planned for various festivals and in several different cities in Turkey. We will announce these on as soon as the dates are set. However, we are also working to meet requests from various civil rights organizations, associations, foundations, initiatives, and unions who want to hold a screening.

For these kinds of screenings, you can contact Emrah Gürsel at the Center by calling 0212 243 32 27 or emailing

Media coverage

Following the premiere, many articles and commentaries were published about Bûka Baranê. You can find some of the commentaries in Turkish below:

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