The Report On Psychosocial Processes That Women and Children in Idil (Şırnak, Turkey) Experienced During and After The Curfew

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Union of Southeastern Anatolia Region Municipalities, Şırnak Municipality, İdil Municipality

Between 16 February 2016 and 31 March 2016, the Turkish state imposed a curfew in Idil, Sirnak. At the same time, Sirnak municipality in cooperation with Idil municipality, sociologists, psychologists, and several activists from women associations (Women for Peace and Women Freedom Assembly) started a research on psychosocial trauma that women and children in Idil experienced as a result of the curfew and the clashes.

This research is conducted in Idil, Sirnak. It particularly focuses on two neighborhoods (Turgut Ozal and Yenimahalle) where the clashes were most intense during the 43-day curfew. During this research, we interviewed 609 women in order to collect the data on the psychosocial processes that women and their children went through during the curfew.