Round-The-Clock Curfews in Nusaybin and Informative Report on Post-Conflict Situation



Union of Southeastern Anatolia Region Municipalities (GABB), Nusaybin Municipality

 Round-the-clock curfews and blockades implemented in Nusaybin and a number of cities located the region of since August 2015 have caused a huge devastation and mass forced migration as well as widespread rights violations including right to live. Until now, as a result of curfews declared by the central government for tens of neighbourhoods in city centers of 2 provinces and 23 towns of 8 different provinces gave rise forced migration of 500 thousand people, thousands of houses and shops were heavily damaged1, private properties and houses were expropriated, the region has faced significant economic difficulties and poverty has peaked.  This fact sheet aims at delineating what happened in Nusaybin as one of above-mentioned towns during round-the-clock curfews and outcomes emerged after the blockade was removed in certain neighbourhoods.