Research Report on Psycho-Social Processes Women and Children Gone Through During and After the Curfews in Silopi and Cizre

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Union of Southeastern Anatolia Region Municipalities (GABB)

Between February 19, 2016 and April 18, 2016, with the psychologists, sociologists and social workgroups working for GABB and member municipalities, a research held at the towns Cizre and Silopi of the city Şırnak, to report psychosocial processes of the women and children at the time of curfews and aftermath.

This report is written to show the level of response of women and children and human right abuses.

To collect data that are presented here, field researches made when the curfews partially lifted at the town centers by meeting people face to face and interviews.

At the researches held with the children, for the age group 0-14 dialogue established with childrens’ parents, for the children above 14 year of age dialogue established concerning the condition of children. The results of the researches regarding children presented in this report after the evaluation of psychologists and experts.

In this report, the statements of women and children translated to English from Kurdish and Turkish. Information about the photographs is written under them.