The Report About The Curfew in Sur District and Its Effects on Women and Children

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Union of Southeastern Anatolia Region Municipalities

This report is result of the work and collaboration by the following institutions between 28 March 2016 and 30 May 2016: Sur Municipality, Kayapınar Municipality, Bağlar Municipality, Yenişehir Municipality Division of Women Policies, Diyarbakır Municipality Division of Women Policies, Diyarbakır Academy for Women, and Diyarbakır Education Union Branches (Eğitim-Sen) 1 and 2. This report focuses on human rights abuses during the curfew and how women and children were affected by the curfew and the clashes. The data for this report were generated through face-to-face interviews and natural observation method in İskender Paşa, Nebi Cami, Melik Ahmet, Cami Kebir and Ziya Gökalp neighborhoods of Sur district. These interviews were recorded by the interviewers and statements of the women were translated into English without making any changes to its meaning. In this report, we chose not use the real names of some of our interviewees upon their request. The images in this report are used with the permission of the Press Division of Sur Municipality.