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Hrant Dink Foundation Festival of Co-Existence on July 2 – 3!


You are invited to the Festival of Co-Existence on July 2 – 3 2022, at Lütfi Kırdar Congress Center. Civil society organizations, rights defenders, activists, academics and students will be there!

There will be panels to promote national and international experience sharing and transfer of knowledge; creative workshops with a particular focus on co-existence and human rights for adults, youth and children; stands for strengthening the communication between civil society organizations and for them to reach out to a wider audience; and live concerts.

Institutions and experts working on the field of human rights, refugees, gender, ecology, cultural heritage, art and various fields will participate in the festival organized by Hrant Dink Foundation in cooperation with Truth, Justice, Memory Center (Hafiza Merkezi).

  • Panels are open to everyone.
  • Simultaneous interpretation will be available in Turkish and English for all the panels during the festival.
  • Certain panels will be livestreamed on the Hrant Dink Foundation’s YouTubeFacebookTwitter accounts and website.
  • As the workshops allow a limited number of attendance we kindly request you to register for the workshops. You can find the registration forms for each workshop in the detailed programme below. Simultaneous interpretation is not available for workshops.

You can find the detailed programme below the image.




Opening Remarks
Prof. Dr. Ayşe Soysal - Hrant Dink Foundation
Ayşe Köse Badur- Istanbul Policy Center
Helin Şahin - Olof Palme International Center
Murat Çelikkan - Hafıza Merkezi
Alexander Fricke - Delegation of European Union to Turkey

Civil society asks: What awaits civil society in the near future?
Onur Sazak - Moderator
İbrahim Betil - Civil society volunteer
Sinan Gökçen - Civil Rights Defenders
Olcay Özer - Hafıza Merkezi
Dilek Ertükel - Sivil Düşün

Beyond hate speech: Methods to counter fake news
Prof. Dr. Yasemin Giritli İnceoğlu - Moderator
Katie Kruger - Atlas Relief & Development International
Jon Greenberg - Polifact (Poynter Institute)
Doç. Dr. Tirşe Erbaysal Filibeli - Bahçeşehir University

Philanthropy discussions focused on human rights
Olcay Özer - Moderator
Liana Varon - Support for Civil Society Foundation
Birce Altay - Third Sector Foundation of Turkey
Jenny Hodgson - Global Fund for Community Foundation
Tezcan Eralp Abay - Civil Society Development Center (CSDC)

Struggle for peace: Women and LGBTI+ movements participation in peacebuilding
Dr. Nesrin Uçarlar - Moderator
Yıldız Tar - KaosGL
Avila Kilmurray - the Social Change Initiative
Atalay Göçer - Cultural Research Center for Peace

Culture and art for co-existence
Özlem Ece Aydınlık - Moderator
Feray Halil - Allianz Kulturstiftung
Esra Aysun - British Council
Rümeysa Kiger - Cultural Entrepreneur

Artificial intelligence and ethics in the context of human rights
İlksen Mavituna - Moderator
Dr. Çağdaş Dedeoğlu - Post-human Lab

Struggling against poverty and social injustice through the lens of the civil society
Elmas Arus - Moderator
Pankaj Anand - OXFAM
Hacer Foggo - Deep Poverty Network
Gökçen Durutaş - Foundation for the Support of Women's Work

Stories of co-existence / Creative activism
Ishtar Lakhani- Activist

The transformative power of collective memory: Why is memory work important?
Nayat Karaköse - Moderator
Elizabeth Silkes - International Coalition of Sites of Conscience
Aylin Vartanyan - Boğaziçi University
Nevin Soyukaya - Diyarbakır Association for the Protection of Cultural and Natural Assets

Defending human rights: A perspective from Latin America and Eastern Europe
Murat Çelikkan - Moderator
Zsolt Szekeres - Hungarian Helsinki Committee
Gastón Chillier - The International Network of Civil Liberties

Going out of the frame: New methods in activism
Kerem Çiftçioğlu - Moderator
Archana Deshpande - OpenGlobalRights (OGR)
Dr. Uygar Özesmi -
Tarık Beyhan - Amnesty Turkey

Stories of co-existence / The new culture brain research is teaching: Interconnectedness
Prof. Dr. Türker Kılıç - Bahçeşehir University

Grassroots movements: The local form of solidarity
Yaşar Adanalı - Moderator
Karen Saidi - Justice Defenders
Ulaş Bayraktar - Kültürhane
Özgür Güneş Öztürk - Col·lectivaT

Why is the struggle against climate crisis a human rights issue?
Julia Bartmann - Moderator
Nur Banu Kocaaslan Semerci - Climate journalist
Clara Thompson - Climate activist / Journalist
Özlem Altıparmak - Doğa Derneği Legal Advisor

Stories of co-existence / Is art, history?
Hasini Haputhanthri - Consultant and Researcher

Stories of co-existence / Activism beyond borders
Wafa Ali Mustafa - Activist and Journalist



Making sense of oral history
Hasini Haputhanthri - Consultant and Researcher
* The workshop will be held in English.

This introductory workshop serves as an informative overview to the field of oral history. Participants will familiarize with basic oral history methods and the value additions to their fields of work. The workshop has a mix of individual, paired and group activities and plenary discussions, creating an atmosphere of interactivity and learning by doing. In groups they will discuss potential projects and ethical issues. Anyone who wants to learn the basics of planning and carrying out a single oral history interview or a larger oral history project will find this primer useful. It will help you with oral history work for your family, for a museum or archives, for a school, or for any other purpose you have in mind. Keep in mind that this primer only scratches the surface of the information available for learning about oral history within a very short time period. It will explore basic concepts and guide you to access further resources to further your knowledge.

The workshop is limited to 20 participants. Please fill out the form to register.Newspaper of co-existence
Ceren Suntekin
* Ages between 8-10
** The workshop will be held in Turkish.

What does co-existence mean, and what do we need to live together in peace? What do we need to hear, see and recognize each other? What can adults and kids do, to live together in peace? In this workshop for the children who are between 8-10 ages a newspaper from what we have written and drawn will be created with the guidance of these questions.

The workshop is limited to 15 participants. Please fill out the form to register.Coping with activist burn out
Şiddetsizlik Merkezi
* The workshop will be held in Turkish.

Activists experience burn-out as a result of pressures put on areas of activism, the country they live in or deteriorating conditions and exhausting types of organization. Even if these factors are not present, activism itself may cause burn-out. Nowadays, activist exhaustion and coping methods have become a part of the civil society organizations’ agenda. CSOs are trying to make exhaustion a part of their work and make their work sustainable. It is important to recognize the factors that lead to exhaustion and exhaustion indicators, because only then, we can find ways to cope with it at the organization level and as individuals. The workshop will begin by discussing exhaustion and activist exhaustion. A safe space will be created in order to salk about the factors that push activists toward burn-out and share the coping method. During the workshop a new tool to cope with exhaustion and experience it together through brainstorming, group activities and games will be introduced to the participants.

The workshop is limited to 15 participants. Please fill out the form to register.Inclusive discourse workshop
Hrant Dink Foundation
* The workshop will be held in Turkish.

We will discuss questions including, “what is inclusivity?”, “how do we build an inclusive discourse?”, “how can we popularize inclusive discourse?”, and, “why is inclusive discourse important for the fight against hate speech?”. Participants will be informed about a rights-based, inclusive discourse building process, and in this Inclusive Language Workshop, we make use of wide-spread training methods and attempt to create a setting where participants can learn from each other.

The workshop is limited to 20 participants. Please fill out the form to register.Invisible racism workshop with youth
* Ages between 16 - 22
** The workshop will be held in Turkish.

As the Association of Sports and Body Movement for Social Empowerment –BoMoVu, our goal is to critically scrutinize racism, pave the way for this taboo to be discussed in Turkey and make existing vulnerabilities visible. To increase and spread resources in this field, the Turkish translation of Guide to Working with Youth on Racism and Invisible Racism* is published. In this workshop, young participants will take part in activities from this guide. Through these activities, we wish to create an atmosphere where concepts including hate speech, racism and invisible racism and our daily experiences will be discussed. One of the main objects of the workshop is that participants with mobile tools can use it in various workshops and peer studies.

* The guide was created by the partners of the “Stand Together Against Racism – STAR” (Irkçiliğa Karşı Durun) project and was translated into Turkish as part of the Anti-Racist Pedagogy project realized thanks to the support from the Support for Civil Society Foundation of BoMoVu and Latro Chemistry.

The workshop is limited to 15 participants. Please fill out the form to register.Modern campaigning & Storytelling fundamentals
Ani Hao - Mobilisation Lab Collective
* The workshop will be held in English.

This will be a participatory and hands-on introduction to the fundamentals of campaigning and storytelling from Ani Hao from Mobilisation Lab Collective. This two hours workshop will cover how to campaign from a people-powered and systems change perspective, and particularly focus on strategic communications and storytelling.

The workshop is limited to 25 participants. Please fill out the form to register.Side by side in the same world
BirİZ Derneği
* Ages between 14 - 16
** The workshop will be held in Turkish.

‘Side by Side in the Same World’ is a game designed to provide children from different cultures and nationalities to know each other and have fun, explore the similarities between cultures and cultural diversity, to lose prejudices against the other and experience the emotions of equality and co-existence. The game requires two teams and it was designed to promote information exchange within the teams without competition through interaction and cooperation. Category Cards prepared to arouse curiosity about universal values and common heritage are enriched by ‘Action Cards’ that enable children to learn new, interesting things as well as to act together and have fun for an hour.

The workshop is limited to 15 participants. Please fill out the form to register.

Youth participation and participation steps in Turkey
* Ages between 18 - 30
** The workshop will be held in Turkish.

In the workshop to be conducted by the Youth Organizations Forum, examining how and how young people living in Turkey present themselves in civil society based on current research, re-examining the concept of “participation” with group discussions. It is planned to introduce the Participation Steps Model developed by Roger A. Hart and to implement practices to be organized with non-formal education techniques.

The workshop is limited to 20 participants. Please fill out the form to register.