Zochrot Statement on the Israel Offensive on Gaza

Below is a short statement by Zochrot on the occasion of the recent Israeli offensive on Gaza Strip. Zochrot is a Palestinian NGO working to promote awareness of the Palestinian Nakba (“Catastrophe”), the 1948 Palestinian exodus and Right of Return of Palestinian Refugee, with whom Memory Center is partners as members of a new regional network on historical dialogue and accountability in the MENA region. This regional network is to be modeled after the Alliance for Historical Dialogue and Accountability (AHDA).

Ongoing Catastrophe since 1948 – Zochrot statement

For more than 66 years, the Israeli Regime had been violating, systematically and harshly, the human rights of millions of Palestinians in Israel, the West Bank, Gaza Strip and the refugee’s camps located in the Middle East. The violent reality we are witnessing these days, that takes a heavy toll from many, especially the Palestinian Refugees, is a direct outcome of a racist regime which established itself based on an ongoing destruction, dispossession, expulsion and occupation, while turning 70% of the Palestinian population into refugees. Since 1948, the Israeli regime had been denying the Palestinian disaster, its daily harsh implications, and the political and moral rights of the Palestinians to return to their homeland. Therefore, a back and forth Ad hoc ceizefire solutions will not be enough. Only a fundamental change in the regime, which will be based on taking responsibility on the ongoing crimes of the Nakba and the implementation of the right of return of the Palestinian Refugees will bring about the ending of the violence.