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Online Training: Documentation for Rights Defenders

Start Date: 15.02.2019

End Date: 01.01.2020



As part of this project, we have prepared an 8-part video series as an online training module, explaining the fundamental principles, methods, rules, and basic information of the legal documentation field for documenting serious human rights violations. Through this video series created for human rights defenders, we aim to provide an introductory point for deeper and qualitative discussions by addressing the fundamental topics and problem areas of documentation activities. 


The process of reckoning with past or current human rights violations and the efforts to prevent their recurrence fundamentally rely on documentation activities related to these violations. For documentation activities to serve as a basis for such challenging struggles, they must be conducted according to certain standards, being reliable, unbiased, impartial, and objective. Since its establishment, Hakikat Adalet Hafıza Merkezi (Memory Center) has believed in the importance of conducting documentation work on serious human rights violations in accordance with international standards. We have been closely monitoring discussions in this field and striving to engage with institutions conducting similar work. For some time, we have been contemplating how to share our expertise in a way that can benefit relevant stakeholders. As part of this contemplation and work process, we have produced the video series titled "Documentation for Human Rights Defenders."


The courses below are available only in Turkish.