Video Series: Documentation for Rights Defenders


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Dealing with the past or ongoing human rights violations and to ensure that these crimes are not repeated rely fundamentally on the documentation of these violations. In order for these efforts to constitute a strong foundation for such challenging efforts, documentation needs to be carried out in line with certain universal standards, that is credible, unprejudiced, neutral and objective.

Believing in the importance of documenting in line with the universal standards, since day one we have paid attention to follow up on discussions in this field and stay in touch with organizations in similar areas. Prior to this project, we have been thinking about ways of sharing our know-how in the field with relevant stakeholders. To this end, we prepared 8-episodes video series in the form of an online education module. In this module, we introduce our knowledge about fundamental principles, methods and rules of documenting  human rights violations, as well as the fundamentals of legal documentation. In touching upon some of the  leading themes and problem areas in documentation work, we hope this video series to present an entry point for rights defenders to a deeper and more qualified discussion on these issues.

The videos are available only in Turksh.

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