The Shrinking Democratic Space and the COVID-19 Pandemic in Turkey from the Perspective of 48 Rights-Based CSOs

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48 Hak Örgütü Perspektifinden Türkiyede Daralan Demokratik Alan ve COVID-19 Salgını

Eylem Ertürk

Bahar Fırat

Truth Justice Memory Center, Heinrich Böll Stiftung, European Union Delegation to Turkey

This report examines the restraints placed on civil society organizations and the impact these restraints have had on their field of work and target audiences, based on the experiences of 48 civil society organizations that have taken part in the Haklara Destek Programme during 2020-2021.

In this report, these 48 rights-based organizations involved in the Haklara Destek Programme, financed by the European Union Delegation to Turkey, in partnership with the Truth Justice Memory Center (Hafıza Merkezi) and Heinrich Böll Stiftung, share their experiences in order to highlight common issues and make their needs and solutions visible.

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